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The Golden Thread

Verantwortlicher Autor: Nadejda Komendantova Theater Akzent, 28.03.2023, 21:54 Uhr
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Theater Akzent [ENA] "The Golden Thread" which takes place these days in the Theater Akzent is a surprisingly stunning, colourful, optimistic and positive performance involving more than 120 performances in different age. It discusses eternal topics of time, communication and organisation of society. The performance brings together also handicapped people dancing and performing while creating life affirmative atmosphere.

The performance is given by the dancing company "I am OK" which brings together people with various degree of disability. The dance company opens its doors to people of different ages who want to learn classic and modern dances as well as hip hop, musical and ball dances. The performance "The Golden Thread" is an individual understanding of the dancers of the topic of quarrels and forgiving. The performance is under the honorary of the State Opera Ballet Director Martin Schläpfer. The stage design which brings various settings, light and video installations as well as colourful and phantasy rich costumes was developed by Hana Zanin-Pauknerová. The music is provided by the ensemble of three musicians under direction of Andreas Hellweger.

In the production "The Golden Thread", a pair of siblings flee the quarrels of their everyday life to the fairytale realm of the woman with the golden hair: the guardian of time. But there is also disharmony in this world, because the green queen and the purple king are downright argumentative. Not even the Dragon of Time can bring her to her senses. When war threatens to break out, the guardian of time sends the children in search of the legendary large crystal to avert the worst. On the journey, the children learn how they can overcome many obstacles by working together. Let's hope that the queen and king are also capable of learning... "The Golden Thread" is a an optimistic performance for all ages, including adults and children.

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