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Women’s Six Nations and Fox are partners

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Rome [ENA] Six Nations Rugby is the official organising body of the annual Six Nations Championships and Autumn International Series. Working in partnership with its member unions and federations in England (RFU), France (FFR), Ireland (IRFU), Italy (FIR), Scotland (SRU) and Wales (WRU), Six Nations Rugby has responsibility for the promotion and operation of the renowned Six Nations Championships and Autumn International Series

as well as the negotiation and management of their centralised commercial rights. The Six Nations Championship is the oldest international rugby tournament in the world, dating back to its original incarnation in 1883 and expanding to its current format of six teams in 2000. It consists of three highly competitive annual tournaments across men’s, women’s and U20s rugby. In its day-to-day operations, Six Nations Rugby is guided by the core values of courage, solidarity, inclusion, integrity, and creativity. Together with its unions and federations, Six Nations Rugby is committed to the development of rugby at all levels, as well as working with other governing and representative bodies around the world

to ensure the best possible future for the game, its players and its fans. Major US broadcaster, FOX, has become the latest partner to sign up for this year’s Women’s Six Nations Championship. Fox will broadcast the entire competition on its Fox Soccer Plus channel, which reaches 50 million homes and joins the long list of global broadcasters who will showcase this year’s revamped competition. The agreement, brokered by Pitch International, means US viewers will be able to enjoy the Championship in one place, joining rugby fans across every continent. The Championship will be broadcast in 130 territories with the reach stretching over 100 million households.

The extensive broadcast commitment further confirms the ever-growing popularity and demand for women’s rugby. Ben Morel, CEO, Six Nations Rugby, said: "We’re thrilled to have FOX as a broadcast partner, and excited fans in the US will be able to watch all the action from this year’s Championship. Driving visibility of the Women’s Six Nations is crucial to the growth of the game. Expanding global coverage is a major part of that and an important stepping-stone in our long-term ambitions for the women’s game. We would like to thank Pitch International for their continued support and work in helping establish the Women’s Six Nations as a major competition across the World, leading to significant year-on-year growth in viewership."

Henri Kamerling, Managing Director of Rugby and Global Partnerships at Pitch International, said: "The new partnership is a reflection of the appeal the Women’s Six Nations has to viewers from around the world. We know this tournament’s reach will have a profound impact on its future growth and we’re delighted to play a role in taking it forward." A new tournament format means viewers will be able to enjoy four consecutive Saturdays of jam-packed action involving all six teams.The Championship will consist of two pools of three teams before concluding with finals day on 24 April.

Pool A consists of England, Italy, and Scotland while Pool B features France, Ireland and Wales. Each team will play one home and one away fixture before facing the opposing ranked team from the other pool in a Super Saturday finals day.

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