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2017 Summer Universiade organized in Taipei

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Rome/Taipei [ENA] The 2017 Summer Universiade organized in Taipei (第二十九屆夏季世界大學運動會) will be the biggest and most eye-catching international sports event ever in Taiwan. Youth is the true hope toward the future of the world and against dreadful rising tension in Asia. The name for the world university games, “Universiade”, comes from the words “University” and “Olympiade”, two of the nicest word human being ever invented.

The Universiade is set up by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) as an international multi-sports occasion for university athletes. University students join together to present creative sports shows based on the 29th Universiade sports programme. Their talents and energy will exhibit strength and beauty of athletes in the imminent Taipei 2017 Universiade. The idea of a global international sports competition between student-athletes pre-dates the 1949 formation of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), which now hosts the Universiade.

English peace campaigner Hodgson Pratt was an early advocate of such an event, proposing a motion at the 1891 Universal Peace Congress in Rome to bring about a series of international student conferences in rotating host capital cities, with activities including art and sport. This did not come to pass, but a similar event was created in Germany in 1909 in the form of the Academic Olympia. Five editions were held from 1909 to 1913, all of which were hosted in Germany following the cancellation of an Italy-based event. In 1919, the International Confederation of Students (ICS) was created as the first organization to lead university sports worldwide and in 1923, the first World University Games (WUG) were held.

In 1959, the World University Games were held in Italy; the flag, anthem and emblem of FISU as well as the name “Universiade” made their debut. Since then, the Universiade has been divided into the Summer Universiade and the Winter Universiade, which are held once every two odd years in different cities. This year the sacred flame handover ceremony was held in Taiwan at Sandiaojiao Lighthouse at 9:15 am on 7 August. It began with an inspiring drum performance, Drums Welcoming the Sunlight, by the Gongliao Junior High School Drum Group.

Attributing great importance to this stage of the relay, Taipei Universiade Organizing Committee (TUOC) arranged for Taipei City Deputy Mayor Chia-Chi Teng to lead Taipei City’s torchbearer Xue-Li Xu on behalf of Taipei City Mayor Wen-Je Ko as she handed the torch, representing Love and Peace, over to You-Yi Hou New Taipei City by Deputy Mayor. Xue-Li Xu is currently a Grade A national tennis coach and a gold medal winner in the women’s tennis team event at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998 and also in the women’s tennis event at the 1997 Sicily Universiade. With her previous sporting success at major events, including Universiades, she has been an ideal choice as torchbearer for Taipei Universiade.

The Opening Ceremony’s cultural performance aims to present the story of Taiwan, the lifestyle of urban and country lives, and the imagination of future trend from young artists’ perspectives. It is going to illustrate the various culture and tribes of Taiwan, testifying the urban image of the city and communicating the idea of digital era and internet statements. Taipei is a city that never sleeps. Taipei has everything one could want in international city, from its safe environment for visitors to its convenient transportation network and friendly, hospitable people. Taipei is considered a city of acceptance and inclusiveness, bringing together innovation, sincerity, and perfectionism in a unique culture of happiness.

The city is active 24-hours a day and is home to the passionate and exciting nightlife. The urban tapestry of the Taipei metropolis is marked by crowds of avid readers seated in silence in bookstores, and cyclists pedaling along bicycle lanes amidst the gentle breeze. Taipei is a city where dreams are made. The city can be explored and enjoyed in any way you feel most comfortable with. Travelers in Taipei are fascinated by the city's unparalleled diversity of shopping areas, cultural and creative boutiques, and gastronomic culture.

Professionals who need to take some time off from their busy schedules to work out or relax can easily access exercise centers, hiking paths, and hot springs located amongst the city's 12 districts by taking a ride in any of the city's convenient transport systems. Such alluring urban experiences allow Taipei to draw numerous returning visitors every year. Taipei hosting the 2017 Universiade aims at using her most famous passion and friendliness in receiving every visitor. Like the energetic and determined young athletes from all over the world, Taipei is a city filled and humming with vitality. Italy and Germany will be present in Taipei where 12,000 athletes and delegates from all over the world are expected to arrive.

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