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Stupidity spreads faster than the corona virus

Verantwortlicher Autor: Sharon Oppenheimer Tel Aviv, 15.06.2020, 07:47 Uhr
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Tel Aviv [ENA] Becoming a complete idiot during a pandemic outbreak is far more viral than we first thought. The resistance to relevant scientific facts is very high especially among a bored population, and it doesn't stop at academics either. Stupidity is obviously not a question of IQ or education. Those who are afflicted by stupefaction are usually asymptomatic until they open their mouths or start posting on social media.

Without a coronavirus vaccine in sight, we are no further than in 1918 when the Spanish flu broke out and claimed millions of victims worldwide. Antibiotics do not work on a virus and there will be no effective vaccination in the coming weeks and months. The world, as we have known IT, crumbles in front of our eyes. Life, as we have known it, literally crAshes. Without a cure, we are helpless in the 21St. Century, like in times of plague or cholera, and hope for a miracle. We know the cause and the route of transmission today of Covid-19, but the only difference right now is that we can treat the symptoms better.

Some cling to supposedly good news, e.g. "China has closed its last corona virus hospital", "A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has completely recovered after 6 days of treatment in Wuhan, China" or "Doctors in India successfully treated coronavirus". Above all, one should refrain from statements by totalitarian states, in the end it was the regime in China that covered up the outbreak of the disease for weeks. Covid-19 suddenly turns self-proclaimed climate experts into virologists and ensures a density of prophets not even found in the Bible.

Eco-fanatics and esoteric nutcases are spreading rumors on Facebook that natural remedies for the virus help, while others are spreading conspiracy theories en masse. The USA, China or Canada have grown the virus in the laboratory as a biological weapon. However, the evergreen of conspiracy theories has not changed for centuries, but is now shown in a new disguise: Israel created the pathogen: the Jews set the world on fire.

Politicians and journalists in Turkey publicly stated that Corona was a Zionist-led epidemic TO shrinking world population. Iranian and Arab media exploit the disease as propaganda against the Jewish State. Even in this situation, the Middle East suffers more from its anti-Semitism and their own inability to contain and treat the disease, than from the pandemic disease itself. The patient zero who is responsible for the onset of this malevolent idiocy is difficult to identify.

Here comes the fairy tale of vitamin C as a panacea. Ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, protects against scurvy, which is very important, but the vitamin is not a miracle cure. The Nazis very actively promoted the supply of Vitamin C to the population in Germany. In this way they wanted to strengthen the master race from within. That matched their blood and soil occultism. The Medical Observer online reported in 2012 of studies showing vitamin C offers no protection against colds, but is of central importance for the immune system. Nevertheless, like so many other things from the Nazi era, the Nazi tale of the universal remedy ascorbic acid survived the times well.

While Corona paralyzes the economy and kills thousands of people, in Berlin and other cities - young people celebrate “Corona-parties” while the participants are convinced it will immunize them, but in fact this misconception only further contributes to the negligent spread of the virus. Meanwhile, experts advise the population on three prevention techniques that actually everyone should understand: Wash your hands, keep a distance of 2-3 meters from other people and avoid crowds. In addition, there is a valuable piece of advice: get a vaccination against whooping cough, flu and pneumococci, which causes pneumonia.

The stupidest people, in our oversupplied time with imbeciles, openly showed their moral depravity. In Germany, for example, some journalists, satirists and bloggers, seriously announced, that "only" old and sick people die from the virus. They cheered that this is something positive, it would not only rejuvenate society but also make it healthier: that's social Darwinism, like in the 1930s. This has happened before. The wannabe satirists should learn: dying is not fun and there are limits - also for jokes. Satire should not be given free reign. The enthusiasm for a final biological solution for the elderly and the sick is more than inhumane. And they are wrong: young and healthy people are also swept away by the pandemic.

You have to know the past to avoid making old mistakes in the present. When the plague broke out in Europe in 1348, nobody could really explain the disease, nobody knew where it came from and how it could be treated. Obscure advices was making the rounds like it does today. Religious fanatics claimed that the "black death" was a punishment from their god. In the years from 1348 to 1349 there were mass flagellant processions. The flagellants were a lay Christian movement of the 13th and 14th centuries. Religious practices among followers included public flagellation and prayers. They were probably a reaction to the rampant plague.

As a result of their occurrence, analogous to the present day corona parties, the pandemic only spread more rapidly. The doctors, however, maintained the teachings of the ancient doctor Hippocrates and his successor Galen. They believed that the mysterious disease was caused by an imbalance in the body fluids - the principle of infection was unknown to medieval medicine. Infection from animal to human was completely inconceivable. It was suspected that rotting was carried to Europe by winds from Asia or that the plague was caused by vapors from inside the earth.

The Medical Faculty of Paris announced that the epidemic was caused by a bad constellation of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. A scapegoat for the plight was quickly found: in France some Jews were tortured so horribly, that during the torture they confessed to poisoning the wells. The forced confession also provided an explanation for them why pestilence was less common in the Jewish quarters. Even in advance, Jews were suspected of being “well poisoners”, and now they were also accused of having caused the Black Death. In addition, many believed that the Christian God punished his own believers, since Christians allowed Jews to live in their cities.

The massacre of the Jews spread faster than the plague. Karl IV, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, who was supposed to protect the Jews and took enormous amounts of tax money from them, became the first desk perpetrator in German history and the nobility reacted cautiously. The Jews were literally thrown to a bloodthirsty mob. If the pestilence had not yet broken out in one place, the Jews were still murdered, as a prophylaxis. Pope Clement VI issued a ban on executing Jews without trial to prevent senseless slaughter. He explained that Jews are affected by the plague as well, and places where no Jews lived were still affected by the fatal disease.

Not even the Pope, the head of Christianity, was heard in this situation, so deeply rooted was the senseless hatred. The others, the strangers, were always blamed. If there were no Jews in one place, they simply killed gypsies, as the Romani people are/were called. Romani people, who originally came from the northwest of the Indian subcontinent, had a similar fate to the Jews. Slandered as alleged traitors to Christianity and wrongly accused of being sorcerers and carriers of the plague.

Subsequently, the persecutions during the Black Death were transfigured into spontaneous uprisings in which the authorities were powerless. More than 200 Jewish communities were wiped out, their inhabitants accused of spreading contagion or poisoning wells. It has been estimated that between 25% and 30% of Europeans fell victim to black death, while 75% of Jews had been massacred by Christians. Jews and Romani people were blamed so often and so viciously.

Centuries later the pathogen which causes the Black Death, Yersinia pestis, was discovered and how the infection was transmitted: On the one hand by the bite of an insect, mainly fleas that are infected with the bacteria, on the other hand by droplet infection. The last-mentioned transmission route leads to primary Pneumonic plague. At no time did anyone apologise for the massacres.

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