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Reopening of the completely new Toscana Resort Castelfa

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Aerial view of the resort in Tuscany
Aerial view of the resort in Tuscany  Bild: photo credits Toscana Resort Castelfalfi,

Tuscany [ENA] In the most unexplored heart of Tuscany, a splendid property of 1100 hectares of spectacular nature among vineyards, olive groves, farmland, woods, small bodies of water reopens: an oasis in which to enjoy the peace of unspoiled nature without sacrificing the comfort of high level hospitality.

The Castelfalfi - a five star resort-hotel full of Tuscan hospitality - overlooks the valley in total harmony with the surrounding area. Designed according to the latest green building criteria, "Il Castelfalfi" houses 120 rooms and suites, the La Via Del Sale restaurant, a panoramic swimming pool and a Spa of over 1000 square meters. Furthermore, the resort also houses the 4 star "La Tabaccaia Resort", a characteristic 31-room boutique hotel renovated and furnished with taste and design that recalls the Tuscan tradition. Furthermore, there is the Castelfalfi Golf Club, one of the most spectacular golf courses in Italy and the largest in Tuscany with its 27 holes.

Today Castelfalfi represents an exclusive destination for those looking for a place of irresistible charm, where they can find themselves at the rhythm of slow life, in contact with an intact and regenerating nature: a place with an almost millennial tradition of history behind it, in a timeless landscape , where you can breathe culture and relax, immersed in the most authentic beauty of one of the most popular regions of Italy.

Organic Farming

Of the 1100 hectares of the estate, more than 25 are destined for vineyards and 10,000 plants make up the olive groves of Castelfalfi. All the production of wine and oil is entirely organic, the plants are not subjected to any treatment with pesticides or chemical agents but treated only with natural fertilizers and traditional methods. As for the oil, from the cultivated varieties typical of central Tuscany, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Pendolino, an extra virgin IGP cold extracted is obtained within 12 hours of collection


Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is extremely attentive to sustainability. The construction and renovation works on the estate have always followed the principles of green building so that everything is designed in the most ecological way possible: the choice of materials, the energy performance of the structures, the adaptation of the project to the surrounding vegetation and the The use of natural lighting are only a few elements that contribute to guaranteeing maximum comfort and maximum health standards for users. The structures of the estate are tempered by a wood biomass power plant, an innovative heating and cooling system powered by wood chips collected within 50 km of distance.


In addition to golf, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi offers its guests a wide range of services, outdoor activities, excursions and tastings. From panoramic swimming pools to tennis courts, from guided trekking to bike-rental - choosing between city bikes, mountain bikes and models with pedal assistance - without forgetting the wellness area of ​​La Spa de Il Castelfalfi, yoga and lessons with a special personal trainer, the BLUEf! t Guide, which offers personalized holistic wellness programs, combining training, relaxation and proper nutrition. And for those who want to book tours to discover the surroundings - even on Vespa and strictly electric Smart - dinners or lunches in local restaurants.

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