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What Zen Honeycutt has to say to the European Mothers

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Zen Honeycutt spoke at the International Demonstration for GMO-free foods
Zen Honeycutt spoke at the International Demonstration for GMO-free foods  Bild: Dominik Crimi

Zuerich [ENA] Zen Honeycutt from Moms Across America, here the Website: was visiting Switzerland and spoke at the International Demonstration for GMO-Free Foods on August 22nd in Zuerich. Why did she take this trip and what message did she share with the mothers in EU? Exclusively.

Hello Zen, I am very excited to 'meet' with you for this interview. You visited Switzerland last month, what was the reason for you to be there? Zen Honeycutt: "I am thrilled to be able to share with European mothers and citizens both now and when I visited Switzerland, what is happening in America. I traveled to Switzerland, thanks to the generosity of my hosts, to share the reality of our food supply and the impact on our health. Americans have GMOs in 75% of our food supply, some 85-90+% of our major crops are GMO. 80% of GMOs are genetically engineered to withstand glyphosate (Roundup), the most widely used herbicide in the world.

After 20 years directly spraying our food with glyphosate, we are realizing that it does not dry, wash or cook off, we are eating it and it is toxic and harmful to life. However, we American mothers are seeing that when we remove GMOs and toxic pesticides due to chemical farming, our children get better, and we have the science to back up our findings. This is what I came to share with Europeans. I want you to prevent the harm that is happening in America from happening to your children and loved ones. It is not enough for my family to eat organic. My son’s future spouses are out there somewhere, and are likely eating GMOs.

I want them to, if they wish, to be able to experience the profound love that it is to have one’s own healthy child. We hear from thousands of supporters that GMOs and related pesticides are impacting their health and fertility. Who knows who our children will marry someday? In fact, right now in America, every single family loves someone who is sick. In other countries where they allow GMOs, we also see an increase of illness, especially in children. This is a global food supply system and a global issue that impacts all of us."

Are there any regulations when it comes to marketing/selling GMOs in the United States? Zen: "The American public has been kept in the dark. Our media, who is funded by chemical, food and pharmaceutical companies, did not tell us for decades that GMOs were in our food supply. Mandatory labeling of GMOs in the USA has not been required. We are fighting for GMO labeling right now with Senate Bill 511 and House Bill 913. If HR 1599/the DARK ACT (Denying Americans the Right to Know) passes this fall, it will wipe out the labeling laws that have passed in three states, the sacred protective boundaries of indigenous crops of the Native Americans, allow “Natural” labeling to include GMOs and disallow the FDA from ever testing GMOs for safety.

It make GMO labeling voluntary. When GMOs were first introduced in the late 1990’s many countries, 64 now in fact, decided to label or ban GMOs. Not America. Our regulatory agencies/FDA decided that they would be considered safe until proven to cause harm. Our government decided to disregard the precautionery principal and instead made us the science experiement.”Let’s see if GMOs are safe”, they essentially said, and now we are seeing the results."

What kind of problems arise for the people of the United States due to GMOs being freely used without labeling? Zen: "1. People don’t know what GMOs are or if they are in their food. There is confusion amongst farmers and consumers, secrecy by the food manufacturers, corruption by large corporations, theft and pollution of life ie: seeds, a massive lack of integrity in our food system, betrayal by our leaders and a lack of trust in our government. Our food system has been hijacked by corporations who donate to our government and make sure the regulatory agencies keep raising the levels of toxic chemicals allowed on our food and deregulating the planting of GMOs. People do not have choice if they don’t know.

2. There are hundreds of GMOs in the pipeline and once these seeds are out, they can never be taken back. Nature is being polluted with a DNA mutagen, foreign proteins and toxic chemicals which will take generations to recover from even if it all stopped right now. Nearby crops are being contaminated, organic farmers are loosing their profits and the soil is being depleted of nutrients which leads to erosion, drought and lower yield.

3. America is in a health epidemic. The World Health Organization just deemed glyphosate a probable carcinogen. ● Glyphosate residues are allowed by the EPA on 160 of our foods at levels far above have been shown to cause harm. ● 1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females are expected to get cancer in America. ● 1 out of 2 children have a chronic illness such as autism, allergies, asthma, auto immune diseases, obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders or mental illness. ● By 2032 50% of our children born will be diagnosed with autism if we continue at the current rate. ● In 12 years our USA healthcare budget will be bankrupted by the cost of diabetes alone, if diagnosis continues at the current rate. ● 1 out of 5 Americans have mental illness.

Look around at your family and imagine how many would be impacted. Rampant sickness, struggle and increased early death, that is our new tragic reality. 4. All of these illnesses can be directly connected to the results of glyphosate and reactions in the body. How? ● Glyphosate is patented antibiotic which destroys the beneficial gut bacteria, where 70% of our immune system lies, and promotes the proliferation of pathogenic gut bacteria. That pathogenic gut bacteria signals the brain to go on attack, creating glutamate which is an excitotoxin.

Scientists have found that glyphosate also prevents calcium from exiting the brain cells which causes brain cell death or neurotoxicity, and can lead to mental illness, bi polar disorders and increasing acts of violence. ● Glyphosate is also a chelator, making vitamins and minerals unavailable to the body, weakening it’s immune system to protect the body from illness and cancer.

● Glyphosate has endocrine disrupting capabilities, even the EPA acknowledges it on it’s fact sheet as a “reproductive effector”. Studies show direct correlation between the 30% increase of miscarriages in a 3000 pig study in Denmark with levels of glyphosate on their grains much lower than what we eat in America, to our miscarriage/infertility and sterility rate is 30%, the highest in recorded history. ● Glyphosate has been shown to cause human placental cell death, break down the blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain, and cause organ damage."

Is it true that there is a national bill that may forbid the labeling of GMOs? Zen: "If it passes, it will make GMO labeling VOLUNTARY. It will forbid mandatory labeling of GMOs. Companies like Non GMO Project Verified and food manufacturers may still be able to label for GMOs, it is still up for debate in the Senate. A new federal program under the USDA will label non GMO food if a company wishes, but it will not be manadatory, therefore there will be no way of knowing for sure. If we don’t speak up and stop this bill and the TTIP, our rights will be severely limited and I foresee not only the demise of the United States as a super power, but a massive resistance around the world."

How do you feel about the fact that in Switzerland not ‘even’ the animals for meat consumption are being fed GE feed? Zen: "I applaud your citizens for standing up for the freedom from pollution of GMO and toxic pesticides. In my opinion, you are an example of the TRUE leaders of the free world for stopping chemical corporations from controllling your food supply. It was so refreshing to see acres of non GMO corn, healthy, happy cows and slender, healthy people in Switzerland. I also loved it that when I was there, I could eat your delicious bread and cheese and not feel sick afterwards, like I do in the USA.

In fact, my host baked me a fresh loaf of Sunday Bread, which I brough home to my children. One of my sons held it up to his cheek and said “Mommy, this bread is like magic.” All of them could eat the bread, not get rashes and did not wet the bed, which is what always happens to at least one of my sons when they eat wheat bread in the USA. I am very happy for your citizens, but I am very sad and outraged for us. However, so many EU countries choosing to opt out of GMOs and so many EU citizens insisting on banning glyphosate is very encouraging and gives me hope that citizens everywhere will see your example, realize the dangers and also speak up."

What do you wish for the the people in the United States? Zen: "I wish for every person in the USA to realize that it does not have to be this way and to feel empowered to make changes. I wish Americans realized that it is not about our country being a “super power” but about the power we each have within us to take care of ourselves, naturally. We all have tremendous influence when we use our love, voice, and purchasing power. I wish for everyone to learn about GMOs, organic food, how to budget and make that switch. I wish for every America to learn how to care for our loved ones primarily with food and healthy choices. This is why our motto is “Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids.”"

What do you wish for the citizens of European countries? Zen: "I wish for you to keep GMOs and toxic chemcials like glyphosate OUT of your country and protect your current and future generations. I know many of you may think, this is not a problem, they are not in the food in Switzerland or EU, I do not have to worry about them. That is in itself the problem, Success is the greatest danger to success. When people are successful they get complacent. You may be successful in keeping GMO’s out of your food supply today but what about tomorrow or next week when Monsanto sends a car load of lobbyists to your government officials?

What about the GMO potato test plot growing in Switzerland? When a breeze contaminates the nearby fields, what then? What about your countries imported food safety standards, are they really testing for GMOs and pesticides like glyphosate? It takes just nano particles of glyphosate to cause sex hormones changes, liver and kidney damages, neurotoxicity and support the growth of breast cancer cells. New Zealand does not grow GMOs but they allow the import of GMOs and when I spoke there, I saw just as many sick children there as in the US. I urge you to remain vigilant and to protect your food supply, children and national food culture. Please ban GMOs, glyphosate and all endocrine disrupting chemicals immediately from your country."

What can each and every one of us do, right now? Zen: "You can write, call and visit with your leaders and let them know you will not grow, buy or eat GMOs. Stop the corporate control trade agreement called the TTIP. Let your leaders know about the health risks of GMOs and pesticides, as they have children and loved ones too. Direct them to the videos, articles, and data on our website at: . Let your friends and family know about GMOs and chemical farming and why your country needs to say no. It may seem like GMOs might equal “progress” but the newest studies and the testimonials of our mothers show that they really just mean more risk,environemental damage, toxic chemicals and harm to human health.

You country may be wealthy and may want to maintain a position of power, but this will not happen with GMOs. America is the proof. Something to consider to the leaders who are considering allowing GMOs into your country as an investment in you country’s future, as I said the the 1000 shareholders at the Monsanto shareholder meeting, “What if the same investment that you are making in GMOs to build a foundation of security for your children and grandchildren, is the very same investment that is destroying their future?” Your country cannot afford GMOs. Your children are priceless. Please protect them. In America wish we had known so we could have done better. Now you do, you can.

A final note: In Washington DC, in the Native American Museum of the United States, there is a headress of a Chief, with a plaque under it that says “To the this day the Native America Leaders are eleceted by the mothers of the tribe. The mothers also continue to hold the power to remove a leader based on lack of performance. “ Why is this? It is because the Native American community trusts that a mother’s commitment is in alignment with the communities’ best interest. What happened in the USA? We allow our leaders and agencies to fail in protecting us. Mothers everywhere need to remember and act on their power.

I call on the mothers and citizens of Europe to rise up, reclaim your power as our indigenous people had, and make our countries great again. It is up to us. These are our children, our food and our countries. The future belongs to US. We will not stop, we will not give up because the love for our children will never end. You can count on us for partnership to create a future of health and freedom. I hope we can count on you. Find out more at:, support us, or help us expand the new by contributing articles or videos. Thank you!" All data referenced in this article can be found at "Thank you, Zen Honeycutt!"

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