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Tunisia: The UNHCR calls for dialogue with the sit-in refu

Verantwortlicher Autor: El arabi Bouhafa Verona ( it ), 02.05.2022, 18:41 Uhr
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Verona ( it ) [ENA] The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Tunisia is trying to dialogue with a group of African refugees and asylum seekers in the camps that were set up outside its office in the Tunisian capital last Saturday. The number of these refugees is 132 men, 10 women and 8 children requesting evacuation and resettlement, and they have so far refused all solutions offered to them.

And the commission wrote in a note to it that “since the protests began - first in front of the commission’s office in Zarzis and now in front of its office in Tunisia - it has continued its efforts to communicate with the demonstrators in order to find peaceful solutions and provide them with practical support.” “While we understand the challenges faced by many protesters, we regret that all of our offers have so far been rejected. Unfortunately, resettlement options are still very limited due to the number of channels allocated by resettlement countries and are only available to resident refugees who are considered the most vulnerable.”

The “UNHCR remains ready to continue dialogue with this group to ensure a peaceful solution and to provide its support, based on relevant standards of protection, vulnerability and international protection needs.” The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees takes this opportunity to state that “the humanitarian evacuation mechanism is exceptionally applied in Libya only due to the deteriorating security situation in the country. A humanitarian evacuation program is a measure of last resort that usually takes place in extreme cases where refugees are in dire conditions. Asylum seekers face grave violations of their human rights and where assistance and protection cannot be provided.”

“This is not the case in Tunisia, which is a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention, where the basic rights of refugees are respected, they can access basic services and where they are generally not at risk of arbitrary detention, inhuman treatment or refoulement.” According to the applicable law, “the lack of funding has forced us to cut back on some programmes, including the cash assistance programme, which targets the most vulnerable among refugees...But UNHCR does not intend to close its centers in Tunisia anyway.”

The statement concludes by saying that “the agency urges moderation and a peaceful solution to this difficult situation and is ready to cooperate with the authorities, partners, refugees and all concerned parties to find alternative and adequate solutions to meet the demands of the demonstrators and prevent violence or harm to anyone, including staff.” or protesters or other members of the public.”

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