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The case of COVID19 in Taiwan

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome , 22.03.2020, 12:47 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] According to Press Agency Reuters, Taiwan is going to suspend airline passenger transits through island. Taiwan will stop airline passengers transiting through Taiwan from March 24 until April 7 to help control the spread of the coronavirus, the government said today . The government separately announced 16 new cases, bringing the total to 169 .Taiwan has done an impressive job of keeping the island coronavirus quite

free . It’s crucial to take into account thatTaiwan is 80 miles away from China and has 850,000 people living and working there. This whole disease blew up right around Chinese New Year when traditionally all Taiwanese travel home to be with their families. By everyone's predictions, Taiwan should be decimated. However contrary to those predictions Taiwan launched into action early. As of today - Taiwan has 169 cases of CoVid-19 which certainly seems absolutely unbelievable- until one actually starts to go digging through the numbers.

169 cases out of 23 million population puts Taipei at about 5 cases/million which is on par with New Zealand, Jamaica, and Peru .To put this in context, Iceland (also an island - and an awful lot further away than 80 miles from China) has 733 cases/million. Taiwan's response has been nothing short of amazing. Many of Taiwan's cases were contracted overseas and brought into Taiwan - they were not contracted on the Island . So - only about thirty people have caught the virus in Taiwan. Of those some were healthcare workers and the others, nearly every single one of them was a family member or a friend of another case.

There are less than ten cases in Taiwan where there has been transmission that was either not determined - or the vector is known but there's no sign that they caught it from a close relationship. And of those cases one was in the same floral arrangement class as another case - so they may have been friends, one was visiting a friend in hospital the same ward as another case, and one was announced recently, so there's not been any time to determine whether or not there is a connection to an existing case. What people have done in Taiwan is not just impressive - it is unbelievable. Taiwan seems to be probably the safest place in the world outside of Antarctica right now.

Taiwan decided in 2003, that 37 people dying from SARS (0.000001 percent of the population of Taiwan) was 37 people too many if a system and infrastructure could be built to protect the population of Taiwan. It may have taken 16 years to prove the value of socially democratic infrastructure planning when it's much more expedient to just focus on your own political term.

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