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Deadline 15 July: New Journalist exchange programs

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Konigstein, 30.06.2020, 12:00 Uhr
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Konigstein [ENA] International Journalists' Programs (IJP) has announced new exchange projects for reporters in 2020. The German non-profit organization IJP says the bursary for the six to eight weeks stay is Euro3.800 but requires participants’ own funds to cover further costs. Journalists from Germany, United Kingdom, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania can apply for the fellowships.

While the German-UK Journalists' George Weidenfeld Bursary offers British and German journalists the opportunity to gain work experience in the other country, the German-Central Eastern European Bursary is intended for reporters interested in the fields of climate and energy. Weidenfeld delegates work in British or German newsrooms of their choice while also researching stories for their home organizations. Participants will get an insight into the way the media work differently in Germany and in the UK. Supporting media have included BBC, Economist, Financial Times, Reuters, FAZ, Spiegel and ZDF. Candidates must be between ages 25 to 38 and proficient in German or English. Deadline: 15 July.

The German-Central Eastern European scholarships are funded by EUKI (European Climate Initiative). The bursary offers this opportunity for up to ten journalists from Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania with a passion for climate and energy topics. Selected candidates will receive a deeper and more detailed insight into the field and get the opportunity to work and specialize topically and internationally alike. The scholarship program starts with a thematic introductory conference. Journalists from Germany will stay at a host media in one of the other countries for the time of the scholarship while the journalists from those countries will spend their time in a media in Germany.

Hosts will be selected by IJP in consideration of the interests, qualifications and wishes of the fellows. While being embedded partly in the workflow of the host media, the scholars will work on their own journalistic projects and mainly report for media in their home country during the six to eight weeks of the stay. While each fellow will receive a stipend of Euro3.800 to help cover travel costs, accommodation and personal expenses during the stay, the participant must cover any additional costs. All journalists from print, radio, online or TV media (employed or freelancer) in the countries listed are eligible. Submission deadline is 15 July.

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