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Italy - 12th day of lockdown: another "tightening".

Verantwortlicher Autor: Maurizio Monge Turin, 23.03.2020, 10:13 Uhr
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Italy in lockdown
Italy in lockdown  Bild: Maurizio Monge

Turin [ENA] Sunday 22 March 2020, 2nd day of spring and 1st day of further restrictions on individual freedoms imposed by the government yesterday. What has changed? In theory, many restrictions have been added. In practice they are only mainly symbolic changes.

With the order of Friday 20 March, the government wanted to respond rigidly to the irresponsible behavior of a (fortunately) limited number of citizens who, regardless of the reasons that had led the government last week to issue a travel restrictive decree, local openings etc., sure of impunity, continued to crowd city parks and streets. The feeling is that the Government has reluctantly accepted the pressing requests of Regions, Municipalities and simple citizens, to resort to more drastic measures to stop the infections.

The order has a very limited time: the end coincides with the end of the restrictive measures of the Decree, that is, on March 25; The request for closure of supermarkets over the weekend, which was very popular with some, has not been rightly accepted, and has left some freedom of movement to those who want to carry out sporting activities. The most obvious measure, but also the one that we believe is more difficult to control, is the closure of public parks and gardens. The police force is not enough, in a big city like Milan or Rome to control everything.

Vehicle traffic must be stopped to check the reasons; there is to go around the cities to prevent group meetings of incurable optimists; there is a need to safeguard cities from common crime that often does not respect quarantine. And then there is the parks to check! By what means and above all with which men? Milan asked and obtained the intervention of the army: 144 men. Better than nothing but absolutely insufficient given the vastness of the territory. In Turin, this morning, the best known park in the city, the "Valentino" appeared deserted; a police patrol to check; a couple of "runners", some lady with the dog walking. Nothing compared to what was seen in recent days.

Yesterday evening, around 23:00, the Prime Minister, Conte, further increased the dose of limitations, announcing a decree for today, Sunday, with which to substantially request the total closure of all production activities except for the 80 considered as "essential". The decree has not yet been published also because Confindustria has proved to be very critical and it seems, according to the latest news received, that this has led the Prime Minister to move the issue to Wednesday 25. A further squeeze took place in the afternoon of today, Sunday 22 March, with the absolute ban, communicated with an order of the Internal and Health ministries, leaving the municipality of residence, except for work and reasons of extreme urgency or health.

The most evident thing, therefore, is the chaos of governmental decrees, ministerial orders, communications from Municipalities, Regions, Provinces etc. which Italian citizens must comply with; in some cases these "orders" are restrictive compared to the previous ones but sometimes also in contrast with them. In short, there is a form of widespread uncertainty among people. This uncertainty generates, especially in the most "intolerant" citizens, feelings of mental chaos that lead to believe in the total inability of the rulers to choose a right way to eradicate the contagion.

In reality, being a particularly serious situation, undoubtedly new and above all in continuous evolution, this regulatory chaos can be explained by the need to make increasingly "stringent" attempts at regulations, not forgetting to allow the country to continue to "live" in any case and to have all the essential services available. Today's data, communicated by the Civil Protection, could be considered moderately encouraging: 952 people recovered (8 more than yesterday), 3957 new positives (with a decrease of almost 900 compared to yesterday) and 651 deaths, a number that is always enormously high but less than 140 units compared to Saturday 21 March.

Is it possible that we have finally reached the maximum peak and that the limitations imposed on the freedoms of Italians are starting to bear fruit now? We all hope so very strongly, also because the health system, especially in the most affected regions (Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna), is truly in a condition of profound suffering.

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