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Unique panorama at Hallepoort in Bright Brussels Festival

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Bright Brussels Festival at Hallepoort
Bright Brussels Festival at Hallepoort  Bild: ph credits Museum Hallepoort

Brussels [ENA] On Saturday 15 February, the Hallepoort exceptionally opens its special panorama of the city of Brussels in the context of the Bright Brussels festival. After climbing the 169 steps of the monumental staircase, visitors can enjoy one of the most beautiful nightly panoramas on Brussels

In addition, virtual reality glasses are located on the same street that allow the city of Brussels to be seen as Bruegel saw it in the 16th century. In the bar in the attic of the Hallepoort, which is installed especially for this occasion, visitors can taste the Bruegel beer "Pier den Drol" (Bruegel's nickname), brewed by Brasserie de la Senne. This opening is part of the Bright Brussels festival, the light spectacle where light art is used at numerous locations throughout the city. The Hallepoort also participates, and not only with opening up the panorama: the Hallepoort itself will also be illuminated for four evenings with an impressive video projection in the Bruegel theme, entitled "Winter".

Hallepoort: Of the thousands of people who pass through the gate of the second ramparts of Brussels every day - on the small ring road between Place Louise and South Station - few know the eventful history of it. This fairy-tale monument of more than 600 years old is the most striking witness of the medieval past of the city. Where? Hallepoort, Zuidlaan 150, 1000 Brussels. When ? Saturday February 15 - 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM (the ticket office closes at 10:30 PM). Only accessible via the stairs. Price? € 4,- per person.

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