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TheFork Festival launches on February 20 in Italy

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Il Nido del Pettirosso
Il Nido del Pettirosso  Bild: photo credits TheFork Festival and Il Nido del Pettirosso

Milan [ENA] Until April 4th there will be 50% discounts in 2,000 Italian restaurants, because "TheFork Festival" returns, an event organized by TheFork, the number one app in Europe to search and book the restaurant online. From February 20 to April 4 there will be many discounts available to customers.

heFork, Tripadvisor brand, is the leading platform in Europe for online restaurant reservations, with a network of 80,000 restaurants globally and 29 million visits per month. The platform operates as "LaFourchette" in France and Switzerland, "ElTenedor" in Spain, "TheFork" in Italy, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In addition, it is also active in English as "". TheFork connects users and restaurants, allowing the former to search and book the table online and the latter to increase reservations and customer loyalty. Through TheFork (website and app), as well as on Tripadvisor, users can easily select a restaurant based on their preferences.

5 restaurants to eat with 50% discount in Milan  

Ristorante Scilla Milano– if you love seafood, this is the place for you. Casa della Farina - an elegant location in full oriental style in which to enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine. Holmes Sweet Holmes - have you ever tried Russian cuisine? This is the right opportunity! Caviar, Soleniya, Shuba salad and many other goodies. Mosobna - here you can taste traditional Eritrean cuisine, such as zighini or a single meat dish served on crepes. La Risotteria - what could be better than enjoying a good risotto in Milan? At La Risotteria you can taste all types, from the most classic yellow risotto to the most creative ones

5 restaurants to eat with 50% discount in Rome.  

Julienne - located in the Fleming district (Northern Rome) by Julienne you can enjoy traditional Sicilian cuisine that winks at innovation and gourmet. Cucina & Vista - in one of the most suggestive places in the capital, piazza di Spagna, from Cucina & Vista you can taste a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes. Manioka Oslavia - a place with stone and brick walls where you can taste a cuisine that combines the flavors of Brazil with those of Japan for a fusion to be discovered. Quelli De ’Coronari - from Quelli De’ Coronari you can taste a tonnarello cheese and pepper as the Roman tradition commands. In addition to the Via dei Coronari address, there is also the one in the Monteverde area. Il Nido Del Pettirosso - INSIDER restaurant

5 restaurants to eat with 50% discount in Turin

La Cloche 1967 - INSIDER restaurant with a truly romantic and elegant atmosphere where you can enjoy the excellence of the Piedmontese cuisine. Luna Rossa Live - live because here at Luna Rossa it is not uncommon to attend live performances while enjoying a good pizza. Upside down - at Capovolto the offer satisfies all tastes and needs, from meat or fish lovers, even to vegetarians. Zaika- a restaurant where you can fully breathe the Indian tradition, from the typical cuisine to the furnishings. Fonderie Ozanam - Piedmontese cuisine that winks at other regional traditions, all in an environment with modern and original furnishings.

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