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Daily Paper x Van Gogh Museum collab launches

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Van Gogh Museum photo credits
Van Gogh Museum photo credits  Bild: photo right Van Gogh Museum x Daily paper

Amsterdam [ENA] The Van Gogh Museum and the Amsterdam streetwear brand Daily Paper have joined forces to show where fashion and art meet. Inspired by the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, Daily Paper designed a contemporary clothing line with prints of drawings, paintings and quotes from the famous painter.

Emilie Gordenker, newly appointed General Director of the Van Gogh Museum, opened on February 14th the Daily Paper x Van Gogh collab at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam celebrating with a festive night attracting many young visitors. She stated in her opening speech "We want to learn from all the various prospective that we gather here. And we would like everyone to be as triggered by Vincent as the guys from Daily Paper has been. You are going to see more tonight. We want to make sure that Vincent's life and work stay as fresh and alive today as they were in his times."

he Daily Paper x Van Gogh Museum collection consists of a total of 21 items, including jackets, trousers and T-shirts. It features contemporary Daily Paper designs with prints of drawings, paintings and quotes by the famous artist. Available from 15 February. The collection will be available worldwide from Saturday 15 February. Head to the Van Gogh Museum webstore or check The collection will also be available in the Daily Paper stores, in the Museum Shop and at selected retailers.

Initial contact between the museum and Daily Paper resulted from Van Gogh Connects, a project in which the museum explores how it can become more relevant to young adults in Amsterdam with a bicultural background. With this collaboration, the Van Gogh Museum hopes to inspire these young adults and connect them with the art of Van Gogh. The new collection will be available from 15 February 2020.

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