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Sanremo’s Festival 2021: “Music” is in the air

Verantwortlicher Autor: Stefano Pizzurro Italy, 21.03.2021, 11:40 Uhr
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singer on stage
singer on stage  Bild: from Pexels photographer: Rahul Pandit

Italy [ENA] It's a fact! The pandemic has spread around the world. The virus, initially considered a simple flu, has become lethal. It all started to slow down until it almost stopped completely with social distancing. From the first anticipations it will be a 100% Italian event: green, white and red.

There are only a few days left to the most anticipated singing event of the year and you can already hear: "music is in the air"; the 71st Sanremo Festival is about to begin. Everything will be experienced in a unique and different way, both by the artists, orphans of their fans, and by the organizers who have had to face new challenges beyond their standards. Our praise goes to all of them for their commitment and determination.

On the other hand, nothing will happen in the city which will remain cautiously "subdued" because it is emptied of all the events and shows that have always taken place around the festival. People will not even be able to see the artists who will move rigidly from their hotel to the Ariston theater by means of cars with intentionally darkened windows so as not to create crowds.

Only the songs, after a long and forced exile, will be able to return to the stage of the famous Ariston theater again. The balconies will be free again and people will come back indoors to sit on their comfortable sofa in the living room to listen, sing and share the new Italian songs that will participate in the Festival. We are all eagerly awaiting. The event, for obvious safety reasons, will take place without the presence of the public in the hall. Therefore no standing ovations. It doesn't matter if the applause will be fake but what matters is that the songs will be real, sung live. The Italian Song will shine again and will be the protagonist and also the pillar of the 2021 Festival.

Many singers already known by the general public will perform on stage and many others will be newcomers, new proposals. At the center of the stage we will find two talented presenters, Amadeus together with Fiorello who, with their renowned sympathy, will literally leave us "speechless" for the laughs they will make us do. So our soul will finally be able to return light for a few days. It was time. I am sure that all this commitment will serve not only the Italians but also all those who follow the Festival in Eurovision as a ploy to turn the page and start a new life. Everything will be fine, Sanremo is Sanremo [Thanks to the writer Nello Puglisi for this article]

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